San Rafael Criterium

Alexis Alexander

By Alexis Alexander
Date: September 9, 2006
Category: Women 3/4
Teammates: none
Field Size: 35+ combined
Winner: Lex

The last race of the road season...Ahhh

The San Rafael Classic, now known as Carrera de San Rafael, is a great venue that always attracts some of the best cyclists and spectators. We had a timed race of 50 minutes and 5 primes with a course length of a .9-mile loop.

When the whistle blew, I wanted to stay towards the front at all times. About 15 minutes into the race primes were every other lap. Being the only PABW Powered by TIBCO rider, I wanted to go out for a couple of primes and see what position and line worked best for the finish.

After going for the 2nd and 4th prime I had my finishing line in mind. I knew that the field slowed after the climb on turn 2, so that was where I had to make my attack. Metromint was pushing the field and I sat in 2nd position. Coming around for the final time, officials yelled "ONE TO GO, ONE TO GO, ONE TO GO!" Riding up the climb, I looked back and had a gap. I turned right and thought ,"Lex, you need to go!" And I pushed hard, riding down the back side of the course. Next time I looked, I had a four-bike-length gap, so I tucked into the last 2 turns for the finishing straightaway, put my head down, and pedaled my heart out. I crossed the line in relief to find that my plan worked.