25 days
11 states
3,000 miles
84,250' climbing
In September 2002, with about 40 other cyclists, I rode my bike across the country, averaging 120 miles a day for 25 days. I passed through eight states I've never been in before and saw many landmarks for the first time, including Route 66, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Mississippi River. Read the report...

Ride Report

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0 - Sat, Sep 7 Santa Cruz, CA San Diego, CA 500/? (drive)
1 - Sun, Sep 8 San Diego, CA El Centro, CA 129/7,500
2 - Mon, Sep 9 El Centro, CA Blythe, CA 105/2,000
3 - Tue, Sep 10 Blythe, CA Wickenburg, AZ 118/3,100
4 - Wed, Sep 11 Wickenburg, AZ Williams, AZ 135/9,000
5 - Thu, Sep 12 Williams, AZ Winslow, AZ 105/2,300
6 - Fri, Sep 13 Winslow, AZ Springerville, AZ 128/3,500
7 - Sat, Sep 14 Springerville, AZ Socorro, NM 157/4,000
8 - Sun, Sep 15 Socorro, NM Vaughn, NM 135/6,700
9 - Mon, Sep 16 Vaughn, NM Tucumcari, NM 101/3,000
10 - Tue, Sep 17 Tucumcari, NM Amarillo, TX 125/1,600
11 - Wed, Sep 18 Amarillo, TX Erick, OK 122/1,600
12 - Thu, Sep 19 Erick, OK Chickasha, OK 138/4,000
13 - Fri, Sep 20 Chickasha, OK McAlester, OK 143/3,600
14 - Sat, Sep 21 McAlester, OK Mena, AR 110/4,000
15 - Sun, Sep 22 Mena, AR Arkadelphia, AR 84/1,000
16 - Mon, Sep 23 Arkadelphia, AR Pine Bluff, AR 85/1,000
17 - Tue, Sep 24 Pine Bluff, AR Lula, MS 132/500
18 - Wed, Sep 25 Lula, MS Tupelo, MS 139/3,200
19 - Thu, Sep 26 Tupelo, MS Lawrenceburg, TN 129/3,600
20 - Fri, Sep 27 Lawrenceburg, TN Winchester, TN 94/2,400
21 - Sat, Sep 28 Winchester, TN Calhoun, GA 116/5,600
22 - Sun, Sep 29 Calhoun, GA Gainesville, GA 91/4,800
23 - Mon, Sep 30 Gainesville, GA Greenwood, SC 124/3,600
24 - Tue, Oct 1 Greenwood, SC Orangeburg, SC 121/2,300
25 - Wed, Oct 2 Orangeburg, SC Charleston, SC 108/350
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Favorite Ride Photos

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Acton Shot: Troy "Team Bad Boy" from Michigan searches the Gainesville, Georgia, phone book for "entertainment" for the evening. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday and all of the "gentlemen's clubs" were closed. Doing laundry in my sink every evening and hoping for a dial-up connection may not have been a very exciting way to spend my vacation, but at least it kept me off of the streets.

Bisti enjoys a very thorough belly rub from Doreen.

Good question. I thought the back side of the sign might have the answer, but all it said was, "Have you watched our Jesus videos?"

A temporary "PAC Tour" tattoo on the back of Manfred's leg

A Rare PAC Tour Commodity: As Lon calls them, "sit-down toilets"

One of many trusty arrows painted on the street that helped guide us across the country. No reason to let a minor detail like a closed road stop us. Most PAC Tour roads were in better shape than this one.

Favorite Ride Quote

Bob, from Davis, California, offers this ultracycling tip:

"You have to ask yourself three questions. One. Am I bleeding from my eye sockets? Two. Am I projectile vomiting? Three. Are organs that are meant to be on the inside of my body on the outside? If you can't answer 'yes' to any of those questions, get back on your bike and keep riding!"